MINDS for psychological tests

Testmanager Minds is a program package for the administration of automated neuropsychological tests and questionnaires, for use in psychological assessment, research, and in educational settings. Minds runs as a standalone application (not on the web) on Windows platforms (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), including tablets. Frequently, new tests and other modules are added to the system. The same applies for tables of norms, being adjusted or added. Minds is distributed and further developed by bureau MindsWare, in the Netherlands.

A quick first impression of Testmanager Minds and its possibilities is offered by this pdf file of a powerpoint presentation: MindsPPT_E. More information on separate test modules is supplied by this file: Minds Testmodules(ENG). Download the file if you like. Or simply browse through the menu at the left of this text.

A growing number of test modules is available for administration to English speaking subjects. And tests in French or German are possible as well. Ask for details at info@mindsware.nl

Ask for a free demo version of Minds using the contact form. The demo version contains a number of neuropsychological tests in English that can be used freely for two months.

[Last edit: August 14, 2017]