Button Box

For neuropsychological tests where accurate reaction time measurement is required, an external button box can be purchased via Bureau Mindsware or rented for a period of time if desired. Reaction times are measured much more accurately using the button box than is possible via the keyboard, mouse or touch screen.
The response buttons are also robust and generous compared with the keys on the usual keyboards. There is sufficient distance between the buttons, which means that accidentally pressing a wrong button is much less likely. The client or participant can concentrate on the task and is not hindered by irrelevant keys. The box measures 20 by 13 cm, and its height runs from 5 to 3 cm back to front.
Test modules for which this box is especially important are, for example, the Stroop tasks, Continuous Performance Test, Vigilance Task, Signal Detection Tasks, Tapping Test, and the like.
In Minds, the desired response mode can be set per test via the <Settings Test Modules> section: keyboard, mouse or button box. If the latter option is chosen, when the test starts, the request is shown to connect the box to a usb port. The test instruction adapts to the chosen response mode, and an image of the button box appears on the screen. The picture above shows the application to the Stroop task, where the screen also states which button belongs to which reaction. The box with 4 buttons is ideally suited for a four-choice task such as the Stroop. The box can also be used in tests where there are less than 4 choices, for example a Yes / No choice task. The software takes this into account and the image on the screen will show which buttons should be used.
The 4-Button Box can be ordered via Bureau Mindsware for a rental period or for purchase. The rent is € 200, – per year. Purchase of this box comes to 549, – including VAT. Different boxes can be ordered, with fewer or even more buttons, or in a different configuration. The purchase price may then deviate from the mentioned price. Mail to info@mindsware.nl for more information.