Testmanager Minds encompasses a growing number of automated neuropsychological tests and questionnaires. Its development started in the early nineties in order to offer a flexible tool for use in psychological assessment, research and education (Brand & Houx, 1992). The program can be applied in several types of psychological settings with various target populations, e.g. child care institutions, psychiatric settings and other mental health care institutions. For this use most test modules have been supplied with several tables of norms, tables that can be adjusted by the publishing bureau or by the user. In addition, Minds can be used in specific research projects, since every test module has been equipped with a facility to quickly aggregate data into an Excel file or SPSS file. Finally, Minds is currently being used in several practically-oriented psychology courses, where it runs on a network for student computers.

The core program of Minds, MindsShell, can easily be customized to another language by creating another language textfile. Standardly, Minds comes with a Dutch and an English language file.

The organization of Minds is quite flexible and intuitive. Menus for performance tests, questionnaires and other system parts can be adapted in order to suit the users’ demands. Test modules and other parts are represented by pictograms that can be made visible or invisible at will. In principle, the administration of a test module is apart from the presentation of its outcome, by way of a separate report module. In addition, most test modules in Minds have a number of task parameters (e.g. time parameters, number of trials, etc), which can easily be adjusted. Most questionnaires in Minds are administered by a common program (QUEST) and outcomes are likewise reported by a common report module (REPORT). In addition, Minds is standardly equipped with a “wizard” for creating and implementing a new questionnaire.


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