Some user comments:

R. J .: I’m impressed of Minds in terms of ease of use, type of tests that can be taken and the tests that I did not know yet which I find a nice addition to existing ones. In addition, the test result are very clear and convenient and it’s very practical that different groups can be used as a comparison.

J. E .: I worked in an internship with your system in the past, what I experienced as very fine.

F.S .: As a lecturer Psychodiagnostics I was curious about the Minds program and I watched it last Friday. It looks really beautiful! My compliments, I am used to a different package (..) with which I often quarrel (and already began to doubt my computer skills), but with Minds all went off easily (without manual).

A.V .: The graphical report in Minds looks very nice. And nice that you may create a report in Word!

P.P .: This afternoon we go minds again!

H.K .: I like the extensive capabilities of Minds very much!

E.H .: Minds … a divine program …

K.B .: Looks smashing good!

C. I .: I experienced Minds as a user-friendly, innovative way to conduct neuropsychological tasks and scoring. Only one minus point is that some norm groups are quite small in size. However, this is something, I suppose, will improve over time. In other areas Minds is a must!