ASQ: Autism Spectrum Quotiënt


Autism questionnaire

Self-assessment questionnaire by Baron-Cohen et al. (2001) to measure the extent to which an adult with normal intelligence shows  traits that are part of the autism spectrum. The questionnaire has been translated by the Flemish Association for Autism.

The list consists of 50 statements, on which one must indicate with a 4-point scale to what extent they agree with the statement. The statements relate to 5 areas that are important for autism: social skills, changing attention, attention to detail, communication, and imagination.

In addition to scores in these areas, there is a total score (Autism Quotient).

The scores can be compared with (British) norms for men (N = 76) and women (N = 98) from the general population, as well as from a student population, separately for men (N = 454) and women (N = 386). In addition, there is also a norm table relating to autists, consisting of patients with Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism (N = 58). The list is also available in English.


Baron-Cohen,S., Wheelwright,S., Skinner,R., Martin, J. & Clubley,E. (2001). The autism-spectrum quotient (AQ): evidence from Asperger syndrome/high-functioning autism, males and females, scientists and mathematicians. Journal of autism and developmental disorders, 31, 5-17.