BALANS: Balance Task


Developmental test for proportional reasoning.

This task is derived from the work of Piaget and Siegler (1981), and pretends to measure the level of development and insight into proportionate reasoning. The participant has to predict to which side the balance falls down, or that it remains in balance. By default, there are 25 items consisting of 5 items of 5 balance types: Weight problems, Distance problems, Conflict Weight, Conflict Distance, Conflict Balance. The test contains several item versions for children, and a more difficult version for adults.

In the report, among others, the percentages correct are reported per balance type, and in the case of normative comparison, also z-scores. Per balance type, there are norms of children from 4-16 years in 4 age groups (boys and girls separately, N varies between 225 and 538, paper & pencil administration), as well as norms of male (N = 218) and female (N = 756 ) psychology students (PC version). A theoretical explanation can be requested.


Siegler, R. S. (1981). Developmental sequences within and between concepts. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development. 46(2, Serial No. 189).