COLOR: Color Recognition Test


Test for recognition of colors.

In this test 1 to 7 colors (including white) can be presented for recognition. A color is presented as a color patch in the center of the screen. A reaction can be given with a mouse click on a button on the screen (see figure above), or via a key on the bottom line of the keyboard. Setting on <Keyboard> is preferred for a test set to a small number of colors. With a larger number of colors, setting to <Buttons> is more convenient but this has the disadvantage that movement time is part of the reaction time (RT). A patch of color remains on the screen until a reaction takes place. Various experimental manipulations are possible. Application with 1 color is a simple RT task, with 2 colors a 2-choice RT task results. It is possible to display the buttons or image of keys in color instead of a verbal label, which changes the task into a color matching task. Finally, it is also possible to create an incongruent task version, where color of the buttons and color name on the buttons do not match, which changes the task into a Stroop interference task.

At present, norms are available based on reaction time for a congruent task with 6 colors and with buttons on the screen, collected from 160 healthy volunteers (from 18 to 64 years, divided into 3 age groups).