DEUREN: Doors Test


Test for visual memory.

This is a computer version of the Doors test (Baddeley, Emslie & Nimmo-Smith, 1994). The test, as part of the Doors and People test, pretends to be able to make a statement about visual memory. This mainly concerns the recognition of previously observed visual objects, that is, images of doors. The doors are of different types of buildings, e.g. residential houses, garages, barns, churches and public buildings. They are photographs of doors from England, France, Italy and Germany.

There are two subtests, each with 12 sets of 4 photos. First 12 photos of doors are shown, which have to be imprinted as well as possible. Then the 4-choice images are presented, of which the correct door has to be chosen. Prior to the first subtest, there will be a practice series with 3 four-choice items. The 2 subtests are different in difficulty, in the sense that in subtest B the 4 test doors are much more alike and more attention has to be paid to detail. Subtest B is therefore not taken if many errors are made on subtest A. By default, no feedback is given on the correctness of the choices, and by default the items are always presented in the same order. The reaction method can be set as requiring a mouse-click on the picture of the door in question, or using an external 4-button box.

The scoring of the test consists of standard scores and percentile scores for each subtest and for the total score, using the original (British) normative group for the time being. This group is divided into 5 age groups between 16 years and 80+.


Baddeley A. D., Emslie H., & Nimmo-Smith I. (1994). The Doors and People Test: A test of visual and verbal recall and recognition. Bury-St-Edmunds, UK: Thames Valley Test Company.