DTT-B: Bilingual Test – Concepts


Test for understanding Dutch concepts for bilingual children.

This test for understanding concepts is intended for young Dutch and ethnic minority children, with the measurement of the degree of integration in Dutch language (and culture). The test contains 2 exercise items and 65 test items. An item usually consists of 3 pictures that are presented simultaneously on the screen. The test leader gives the name or the sentence that belongs to the item to be chosen. In which language she presents this (Turkish, Moroccan, Antillean or Dutch) can be indicated on the start screen, this is then stored in the database. The child or the test leader clicks or touches the chosen image. In a number of cases the child has to choose from more than 3 objects on a picture, and for some items two selections are expected.

The possibility exists to stop the test prematurely and continue later at the place of interruption (if the correct ID code and session number is entered). By default there is no breakout rule after incorrect answers, but this can be set.

For each norm group for immigrant children (Turkish, Moroccan, Antillean) there is a normative comparison of the presentation of the items in their own language, and of the presentation in Dutch. In this report three level comparisons are given in the report: start Group 1, end Group 1, and end Group 2. Comparison with a group of Dutch children at these 3 levels is also possible.

In addition, there is a norm table for 3-year-old Dutch children (N = 61), and one for 3-year-old immigrant children (N = 111).