EMOTEST: Emotion recognition test


Test for recognition of emotional facial expressions.

This test uses photo material with 7 different emotional facial expressions (afraid, sad, angry, neutral, happy, surprised and disgusted), produced by five experienced actors. The task is to recognize the emotion in question as quickly as possible. By default there are 70 trials, preceded by a practice series with 10 trials. The practice series is repeatable on the basis of an adjustable criterion for percentage correct.

The report mentions, among other things, the percentage correct and the average RT for each emotion, and provides an error analysis based on the type of emotion, but also on the basis of which actor. An interpretative report can be generated.

An English language version is available.

Individual results can be compared, separately per emotion, to normative data from two groups of psychology students (men and women separately), and from a (small) group of psychopathic patients.