EPQ – Eysenck Personality Questionnaire


This is a shortened version of Eysenck’s personality test, with 48 items. The scores relate to 4 scales: extraversion, neuroticism, psychoticism and social desirability. The Dutch adaptation is by Sanderman et al. (1995). The answer options are dichotomous (yes / no). An English language version is available.

There are (Dutch) norms of the original paper & pencil version (healthy people and 2 groups of somatic patients), and of the PC version (over 1000 female students and over 300 male students).


Sanderman, R., Arrindell, W.A., Ranchor, A.V., Eysenck, H.J. & Eysenck, S.B.G. (1995). Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. Noordelijk Centrum voor Gezondheidsvraagstukken, Groningen