KDT: Sound Discrimination Test


Test for discrimination of Dutch or Turkish sounds.

The measurement accuracy of this test, intended for young children, is the extent to which the child is able to distinguish between sounds or words that sound almost the same. The sound pair provided by the computer acoustically must be reproduced by the child, after which the test leader assesses whether this was correct. The sound pairs are also displayed on the screen (see figure). It is possible to repeat a sound pair. The test currently contains a list of pairs of Dutch morphemes, and one with pairs of Turkish sounds. These two lists, taken from the Diagnostic Test Bilingualism – subtest Sounds, each contain 25 test pairs, and two practice pairs are included with each list.

Also normative information for three levels is integrated, for start group 1, end group 1, and end group 2. Lists with items and files with sound pairs can optionally be added or adjusted.