MJST: Moral Judgement Sorting Test


Test for determination of moral development level.

This test for determining one’s moral development consists of presenting three moral dilemmas: “Heinz” – “Pocket money” – “Heinz” (again with a different problem question). In response to each dilemma, a problem question is posed, each with 9 statements (possible arguments as answers to the problem). The participant is asked to sort the statements on the basis of sensibility (least sensible – most sensible). This sorting is done on a scale of 1 – 9 using the mouse (or the finger in case of a touch screen).

Each sorting of a dilemma yields a correlation between the own ranking and the “ideal” ranking according to the hierarchical classification of moral stages on the basis of Kohlberg’s theory. These correlations are averaged over the three dilemmas, which can be considered as a measure for moral reasoning.

The scores (or correlations) can be compared with those of a norm group of psychology students (N = 2071). An interpretation of the individual outcomes can be generated.


Boom,J., Brugman,D. & Van der Heijden,P.G.M. (2001). Hierarchical Structure of Moral Stages Assessed by a Sorting Task. Child Development, 72, 535-548.