NVM: Dutch Shortened MMPI


Strongly shortened MMPI that can replace the entire MMPI.

Personality test developed by F.Luteijn & A.R.Kok (1985). This shortened MMPI with only 83 statements may replace the complete MMPI.

The person under investigation must indicate for each statement to what extent it applies to him or her, on a 3-point scale (Correct -?- Incorrect). The items are not overlapping over 5 scales: Negativism, Somatization, Shyness, Severe Psychopathology and Extraversion.

There are norm groups from the original manual (General, Psychiatric patients, Somatic patients), based on paper and pencil administration. In addition, there is a table of norms of male (N = 432) and female students (N = 1852), and of men (N = 166) and women (N = 270) with mild cognitive disorders (version Minds).


Luteijn, F., en A.R. Kok (1985), NVM Nederlands Verkorte MPI Handleiding. Swets & Zeitlinger, Lisse.