SPANNE: Memory Span Test


Memory span test for Digits, Letters and / or Words, forward and backward, acoustically or visually

This task has subtasks for sets of digits, letters, and words, both forward and backward. The presentation mode can be set to acoustic, visual, or in both modes at the same time. The tasks Digits Forward and Backward are the most used. Digit ranges can consist of numbers from 1 to 9; letter series from letters A to Z. There is a collection of 9 monosyllabic words that are used in the sub-task Words. The digits series correspond to those in the WAIS.

An ascending series of digits, letters, or words is presented that must be reproduced in the same order in the Forward condition, and backwards in the Backward condition. Series with a certain series length are presented 2 or 3 times. If two series of the same length have been reproduced correctly, the sequence is increased with 1 element. In case of 1 error, the third series is offered as a “second chance”. The sub task is aborted if only 1 sequence is correct from 3 attempts. Answers are given via the keyboard or, when using a tablet PC, keyed in on a virtual keyboard (see figure above). With subtasks Letters and Words, this keyboard can be set as QWERTY or AZERY keyboard as desired.

An English version of the test is available in Minds. There are, among other things, norms of over 700 psychology students (PC version) and children (face to face version) from 4 to 16 years (in 5 age groups, N varies between 118 and 917). A narrative report can be generated.