STROOP: Stroop task (congruent/incongruent)


Stroop task with color names randomly presented in congruent and incongruent colors.

This is a variant of the standard Stroop task (see SCWT). In this task, color names are presented in congruent and incongruent colors. The task can be set to two, three or four of the colors (or words) red, green, blue and yellow, and possibly also a control stimulus (nonsense letter series, for example “XXXXX”) may be set to be presented. Number of trials and trial blocks are adjustable.

Recommended setting of the reaction mode is the use of the external button box with 4 buttons. Reactions can also be given with the cursor keys left and right (2-color version) or the keys V, B, N and M (3- and 4-color version), or via buttons on the screen with the mouse, or via a touch screen.

In the report, possible time-on-task effects can be studied through the division into blocks. Median reaction times are presented, as well as the interference rate (RT difference between incongruent and congruent trials, divided by the RT of congruent trials).

Norm variables concern the interference rate and the percentage of errors. Z scores are calculated after logarithmic transformation. Norm groups are based on data from male and female students on the 2- and 4-color version (total N = over 2500). An English language version of the test is available and an interpretative report can be generated.

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