TAP: Finger Tapping Test


Test for determining the degree of hand preference or cerebral dominance of motor skills.


This test measures the basal distal motor speed, or degree of hand preference (dexterity). Standard administration involves “tapping” with the index finger of the preferred hand as fast as possible for 10 seconds, followed by the same period with the other hand. These trials are each performed 5 times (5 x right and 5 x left). Preferably, the test is used with the (optional) button box for accurate time measurement. But the test can also be set to tap via the space bar, or tap on a touch screen. Other parameters to be set include the number of trials, tapping mode (on time or by number of taps), the duration of the tapping period (if set on time), number of taps (if set by number). An English language version is available.┬áDuring tapping, the increasing number of taps is displayed on the screen as feedback for the subject.

Normative information consists of data from right-handed healthy volunteers in age cohorts of 15 to 75+ years (N between 30 and 40). In addition, norms are available from right-handed (N = 322) and left-handed (N = 34) students, of vascular patients (right-handed, N = 182) and of healthy elderly (right-handed, N = 64). Z-scores are supplied and an interpretative report can be generated.