A free demo version of Minds will be made available upon request (use the contact form). This implies free use of a number of test modules for up to 2 months.

For regular use of Minds several types of license contracts are possible:

  • License for a maximum of 6 testmodules                                                        € 300,-
  • License for a maximum of 12 testmodules                                                      € 550,-

Minds can be installed on more than 1 pc. But to use Minds on more than one pc at the same time, more licenses (=dongles) is necessary. More licenses (dongles) can be purchased for 50% of the normal fee. A license is valid for one year.

  • Extra charge for additional test module                                                           €   50,-
  • Discount in case of arrangement for sharing data:                                              10%
  • Development of new test module                                                                      ask for a quotation
  • Network version up to 10 pcs                                                                             € 1100,-

Listed prices are valid for new users from January 2015. Delivery of the package can be via the Internet (WeTransfer), or if desired, by sending a CD-ROM.

In continuation of the annual license confers the right to an update of software and manual. This includes: updated normative information, new system components, renewed test modules.

Important! In case of an agreement on sharing data (for further development of norms) 10% discount can be obtained on the license price! In that case, too, the update of Minds will include adapted norms, of the own study population if applicable.

For any questions: use the contact form or send an e-mail: info@mindsware.nl